Effectuation Matrix

Asses your approach to innovation. A free online tool.

Whether you are working for an established company or a startup: You need to grow. But growing becomes increasingly difficult in a complex and more dynamic world. Effectuation* is a new mindset that helps you to master these challenges. However, how can you know whether your approach is effectual or not? And: Is your approach effectual enough? This tool helps you and our team to get a better understanding of these issues. It allows you to analyze the mindset in your team about how you approach innovation, and it also allows your team to get a better understanding of whether your approach is appropriate to the challenges you face. It's easy, it's fast, it's confidential and it's free.

Here are the five steps to use the tool:

Step 1:

Click the "Create Survey" button

After reading this introduction, click on the yellow button right on the top of this site. Please read the disclaimer before.

Click 'create survey'-button

Step 2:

Add survey subscribers

Fill in your name and effiliation and add as many subscribers as you want. Create the survey and have a look in the inbox of your email account. All subscribers will receive a confirmation email with the link for participitation.

Fill in initiator and subscribers

Step 3:

Answer the survey

After following the confirmation link in your invitation email every participant can fill in the short survey. It only takes three minutes

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Step 4:

View results

View the results of your survey in the effectuation matrix. You can also see individual results and status of completition.

Fill in initiator and subscribers

Step 5:

Discuss implications

Based on the results of the survey you can discuss aspects such as (1) How appropriate is our approach to the challenges we face? ; (2) How much do we agree or disagree regarding the various questions; and (3) How do we need to change our approach in order to better meet the challenges we face?

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* Effectuation (Sarasvathy , 2001) is a model of how expert entrepreneurs approach decision making under high levels of uncertainty, unpredictability, complexity and ambiguity. For more information please visit: www.effectuation.org